Cellular, Acellular and Matrix‑like Products (CAMPs)

Best practice for wound repair and regeneration

Consensus Document

Wounds that do not respond to standard of care pose a real challenge to health professionals, causing considerable patient suffering, incurring extra resource use and sapping staff morale. When all other options have failed, often the only recourse is to advanced therapies. One example is biomaterials derived from human, animal, synthetic and biosynthetic sources, which can be used for the repair and regeneration of soft tissue.

First available in the 1970s, there is no universal guidelines on best practice for their use. To fill this gap, JWC has published an international expert-opinion consensus document. Based on a panel discussion by leading clinicians, it is a game-changer. It proposes a new definition for this technology and gives it a new name — cellular, acelluar and matrix-like products, or CAMP — to better reflect recent innovations in this area.

The consensus document provides comprehensive, scientific, evidence-based information on the rationale for using CAMPs, how they interact with soft tissue to promote repair and regeneration, what treatment goals they can deliver, and how to optimise patient outcomes when using them.

But what does this mean for you? And how can you get the most out of the document?

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This Masterclass will answer these questions. Hosted by JWC, it will include presentations by consensus panel members on how to implement guidance to achieve best results

- The Masterclass presentations and debate will include:

- Rationale for the  new term (CAMPs) and categorisation

- Insight into why thorough wound bed preparation is essential for optimal outcomes

- Case studies describing the use of CAMPs on patients with a variety of wound types.

- Here, the panel will explain why they used a CAMP, what their treatment goals were, how this determined product selection, and what practice they implemented to achieved a good result.

The webinar will end with a live Q&A in which you will have the opportunity to ask the panel about the consensus document and the best use of CAMPs. By the end of the Masterclass, this complex therapy, with its bewildering range of treatment options,  should seem much more accessible
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