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  • Brief content on biofilms and their role in delayed wound healing, plus current antibiofilm strategies within standard of care.
  • Introduction to electroceutical wound care: scientific content on its mode of action, antibiofilm properties and ability to stimulate granulation tissue formation and epithelialisation.
  • Overview of the scientific evidence.


Dr Chandan Sen MS. PhD

Associate Vice President of Military & Applied Research

Dr Gayle Gordillo MD

Professor of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

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Vomaris Innovations, Inc. specializes in bioelectric technology that has the potential to revolutionize infection control and wound healing. The company name is derived from nature’s remarkable ability to generate electricity when voltage potential (Vo) combines with a conductive medium like saline (mar, meaning the ‘sea’ in Spanish). This is the foundational principle of Vomaris’s patented V.Dox™ Technology, which is defining the bioelectric wound care market.

Bioelectric technology from Vomaris is the only platform in the world that powers a new generation antimicrobial dressing for the wound and incisional care markets.

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